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CAS Corporation, an ISO 9001 company, is a leading global manufacturer of industrial and commercial scales distributed through a worldwide network of independent scale distributors in more than 120 countries. Since its inception in 1983, CAS Corporation continues to provide reliable, affordable and superior delivery of high quality products that meet almost any weighing need.

  1. Industrial Scale/ Load Cell

    Industrial weighing is comprised of various product ranges starting from simple weighing to hanging scales which can be used in diverse industrial environments.

  •    Basic Scales

    Simple weighing scale is a product that is leading customer satisfaction in various environments with simple and upgraded performances.

  •     Counting Scales

    Counting scale enables fast and accurate weight measurements with high degradability.

  •     Bench Scales

    Bench scale is used in comprehensive industrial sites such as plants, livestock markets, rice mills, fisheries markets, public baths and others.

  •     Platform Scales

    Platform scale supports a more efficient site work by using CAS load cell of outstanding quality.

  •     Truck Scales

    Truck scale supports a more efficient site work by using CAS load cell of outstanding quality.

  •     Pallet Scales

    Pallet scale realizes stable quality control and work environment through accurate weight management in various industrial environments.

  •     Explosion-proof Scales

    Explosion-proof scale has been designed to suit dangerous industrial environments.

  •     Crane Scales

    Hanging scale has been designed to suit rough industrial environments and prides in outstanding performance with strong durability and high precisio

       2.  Checkweighers/Metal detector

    Weight sorter/metal detector are products which are essential in fast product sorting and stable quality management.

      3.   Liquid filling Machine

    Liquid filler enables asfe and precise filling for various chemical substances.

     4.   Auto Packaging Machine
    Automatic packaging device enhances work efficiency and accuracy of work places.

     5.  Indicator
    CAS indicator is a product that satisfies the special requirements of various industrial sites with its solid design and various interfaces.

    6.  Weighing component
    Weighing component completes stable weighing system with high speed·high degradability A/D performance.

    7.   Loadcell
    CAS load cell is used in various industrial sites depending on the product capacity and form. Precise and accurate output for ranges from low capacity to high capacity is possible.

    8.   Printer
    CAS printer is used in comprehensive work environment such as POS, Checker and Truck Scale with fast printing speed.


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