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C.R. is an Italian company specialized in the project and manufacture of special bearings for different industrial applications and for the internal handling equipment.C.R. was born in 1984 by three founder-members and has always been committed to satisfy the requests of a constantly expanding worldwide market.

Handling represents the history of C.R.

In 1984 C.R. production was basically addressed to builders of fork lifts,transpallets and paletization plants with products that later would change the sliding rolling system. Combined bearings were the first bearings
to be manufactured and put on the market.

  • Fixed combined bearings are particularly suitable to be used in forklift masts and in any other moving and handling system, where rolled or extruded profiles are used.
  • Adjustable combined bearings have the same characteristics as fixed combined bearings The only difference is the possibility to adjust the distance between bearing and profile through the use of washers.
  • Adjustable combined bearings with eccentric pin have the same characteristics as adjustable combined bearings In this case, the adjusting of the distance is made through the rotation of the whole axial part (pin and little roll) in the central pivot.
  • Combined bearings for high speed maintain the same technical characteristics as fixed combined bearings They are provided with bronze cages both in the radial and in the axial part, therefore they can rotate at a high number of revolutions.
  • The radial bearings with pivot keep the same structural features as the combined bearings. In this case there is no axial guide inside the bearing For this reason these bearings are used in application fields where it is not necessary to bear differentiated loads.
  • C.R. combined bearings are usually welded on plate. This is an ideal solution because the bearing welded on plate is directly applied on the structure of the plant, with the big advantage that the assembling and disassembling operations are extremely fast and cheap The combined bearings on plate can be supplied in the fixed or adjustable execution.
  • The Jumbo adjustable combined bearings represent a special range both for dimensions and technical features They are used both for big size fork lift masts and for different industrial applications in the following fields: ship, aircraft, steel industry High load capacity and a limited width represent the fundamental features of this bearing.
  • C.R. radial ball bearings are mainly used for fork lift masts.They are manufactured in rigid execution, with two or four contact points and with one or two crowns of balls which are separated by a polyamide cage. This series of bearings presents a quite good radial load capacity and a very good resistance against the axial thrusts.
  • Full complement radial ball bearings, like the previous series, are mainly used in fork lift masts. They are manufactured with one row of balls with four contact points. The full complement execution guarantees a very high radial load capacity and a very good axial support.



  • Back-up rollers for metal flattening machines are made in two different executions:Full complement of cylindrical rollers with roller cages in mould steel or bronze.The full complement execution allows the bearing to reach a high load capacity both dynamic and static.
  • Back-up rollers without pivot  The series of back-up rollers without pivot is manufactured with two or more full-complement-cylindrical-roller rows; they are separated by spacers obtained entirely on the outer ring.

These bearings are particularly used on machines that work continuously and in extremely tough conditions, because of their high dynamic and static load capacity. The spacers between the rolling raceways guarantee the bearing of the axial thrusts.

  • The single cylindrical back-up roller executed in inches is manufactured as alternative to the same series with tapered rollers. The bearing is extremely tough and massive; it is made of one outer ring – which makes a unique body, once linked to the lateral thrust rings – and of an inner ring with entire borders, from which the rolling raceway comes out.
  • Shoulder bearings have been projected on purpose for Sendzimir cold steel mills; they can be used also in straightening or flattening machines.Shoulder bearings show different shapes in construction, in order to fulfil several application requirements.Cylindrical roller shoulder bearings can have up to 4 rows of rollers, with cages or without cages.
  • C.R. pressure rolls are mainly used in the continuous furnaces of sintering plants. They are massive bearings ready to be fixed They are used with heavy loads and where the rotation reverses continuously at low speed.

The outer ring shows three entire borders, one section and one outer surface which is highly resistant to wear.



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