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Browning, a brand of Regal Beloit, is a world leader in V-belt drives and power transmission products used in a variety of industries from HVAC to wastewater. Browning has over a 100-year history of providing high quality, reliable products that drive industry.

  • Browning mounted tapered roller bearings feature durable one-piece, non-expansion housings with Type E mounting dimensions and limited misalignment. The E920 series has set screw locking collars for easy installation and a contact face riding seal to provide a good balance between contaminant entry, grease retention, and friction.
  • Browning mounted ball bearings offer multiple housing styles, materials, and configurations and feature an extended inner race insert bearing with ball riding nylon retainer. The insert has a rivet to help prevent outer ring rotation and is available with set screw, eccentric, and BOA concentric locking collar mechanism. The contact seal reduces grease loss while reducing friction. The black oxide treated flinger helps prevent contamination.
  • Couplings - Browning couplings include families of non-lubricated elastomeric and jaw type couplings as well as rigid and sleeve type couplings.
  1. Rigid CouplingsRigid Couplings
  2. Jaw CouplingsJaw Couplings
  • Gearing - Browning gear products include the helical shaft mounted speed reducers, inline helical and right angle helical bevel drives, and worm gear reducers that are used in a variety of applications.
  1. Shaft Mount Reducers
  2. In-Line Reducers
  3. Worm Gear Reducers
  4. Helical Bevel Reducers
  • Mechanical Power Transmission Components - Browning mechanical power transmission products are designed to serve a wide range of industries and applications. Browning V-belt drive components can provide efficient performance and interchangeability for drive applications.
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