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Boston Gear manufactures enclosed gear drives, open gearing, variable speed drives, clutches, bearings, fluid power products, and shaft accessories and is a leading global supplier of quality power transmission products to most major industrial markets.

A selection of Boston Gear's quality products and product lines includes:

  • Boston Gear Bost-Bronz Oil Impregnated Plain Sleeve Bearings

Bost-Bronz® is Boston Gear's all-purpose, oil-impregnated, porous bronze bearing material. It is manufactured using the powdered metal process with the purest metal powders. This process ensures the uniform distribution of pores between the bronze particles which absorb the oil by capillary action.

  • Boston Gear Bear-N-Bronz® Cast Bronze Plain Sleeve Bearings

Bear-N-Bronz® is Boston Gear's general purpose, cast, solid bronze bearing material. It is a high grade, leaded tin bronze, having good hardness, strength, wear-resistance and exceptional anti-friction qualities. It is particularly suited for moderate to heavy loads at normal to relatively high speeds. All parts are rigidly inspected to assure freedom from porosity and conformance to dimensional tolerances.

  • Boston Gear BOSTonE® Plastic Plain Sleeve Bearings

With Teflon as their major ingredient, Boston Gear’s glass-filled bearings are self-lubricating and offer a low coefficient of friction. They withstand extreme temperatures from -400° to +550° F, handle high loads at moderate speeds, and have excellent wear and corrosion resistance. In addition, BostonE® F-1 bearings are machined from extruded rods and held to close tolerances.

  • Boston Gear Mounted Pillow Blocks

Boston Gear offers a comprehensive selection of pillow blocks that include non-metallic inserts in a non-metallic base for washdown duty service; spherical bearings with extended inner races with setscrews; or eccentric locking collars in stamped steel, ductile iron, or cast iron housings.

  • Boston Gear Flanged Units

Boston Gear's comprehensive selection of flanged bearings includes non-metallic inserts in a non-metallic base for washdown service, spherical bearings with extended inner races featuring setscrews, or eccentric locking collars in stamped steel, ductile iron, or cast iron housings.

  • Boston Gear Molded Plastic Bearings

Boston Gear stocks a wide selection of plain cylindrical, flanged, and roll-end bearings in four different materials: Nylon, which offers good chemical and corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, and low surface friction for long wear without lubrication; Delrin® and Celcon® which possess high moisture resistance characteristics; Nylatron® GS which offers superior abrasion resistance; and Teflon®-filled Acetal, a material with first-rate abrasion and corrosion resistance and high lubricity against steel.

  • Boston Gear Ball Bearings

Boston Gear's comprehensive line of unmounted, inch-size ball bearings are designed to meet diverse manufacturing and budget requirements, adding value and choice to your power transmission purchases. And design engineers will appreciate the freedom to choose from a wide range of quality bearing products designed to resolve numerous application problems.

  • Boston Gear Thrust Bearings

Boston Gear's line of thrust bearings are built with a quality and quantity of balls ideal for assuring high load-carrying capacities, and they come in your choice of hardened steel and stainless steel to suit virtually any environment. Hardened steel balls are retained in a nylon cage to minimize friction losses, increase efficiency, and promote durability, while hardened and ground thrust washers are designed to reduce noise.

  • Boston Gear Rod End and Spherical Bearings

Boston Gear rod ends and spherical bearings are intended for applications using linkages where a bearing must accommodate significant misalignment under heavy radial or thrust loads involving slow rotation or oscillation. Their spherical bearings are normally mounted in a pre-designed housing, while the rod ends are provided in a housing that is attached to the linkage by the integral thread. Rod ends are available in both left and right hand - as well as male and female thread designs for exceptional versatility.

  • Boston Gear Washers

Boston Gear offers an excellent selection of hardened and ground steel and stainless steel thrust washers for use in low-speed applications that do not require the use of ball bearings. Two series of washers are available for use in many applications, depending on the ID and OD tolerance requirements. And all are a highly cost-effective solution to your thrust ball bearing needs.

  • Boston Gear Linear Bearings

Boston Gear offers four series of linear bearings: commercial, precision, open, and instrument. The precision and open series are available in either steel or stainless steel and with or without an integral seal for operation in contaminated environments. Linear bearings are designed for use with shafting - also available from Boston Gear - to provide smooth and guided linear travel.

  • Boston Gear Enclosed Gear Drives

Boston Gear's comprehensive line of enclosed gear drives, including worm, in-line and parallel-shaft helical, miter, and bevel, provides you with the product variety you need to get the job done.

  • Boston Gear Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Long recognized as a pioneer among OEM and MRO manufacturers, Boston Gear has been producing dependable products since 1877 - and at the top of the list is their 700 Series worm gear speed reducer. Their 700 Series is known throughout the industry for its durable, efficient, and trouble-free performance.
The Boston Gear 700 series stainless steel speed reducer and the new stainless steel motor are both designed to provide maximum corrosion resistance in caustic washdown environments. The new stainless steel 700 series maintains the same critical dimensions as its trusted cast iron sister series and utilizes the same gearing and shafts for easy field retrofitting and backwards compatibility.

  • Boston Gear PosiVent® 

The 700 Series worm gear reducers product line has been enhanced with a patented internal pressure equalization system. This specially designed system allows the gearbox to operate in any environment without the use of conventional pressure vents.

  • Boston Gear Helical Gear Drives

Boston Gear's helical gear drives have been used in some of the most demanding applications and environments across a wide range of industries. They have designed the product line to include three different series in order to meet a broader array of application requirements. In addition, these compact, heavy-duty gear drives are built to simplify maintenance and provide consistently reliable operation.

  • Boston Gear Optimount™

Boston Gear's 200 Series Optimount™ speed reducers are highly adaptable helical reducers that can be configured and applied in an extremely wide variety of mounting positions. Their carefully machined external surfaces permit these reducers to be accurately aligned for use as integral power transmission components within OEM equipment.

  • Boston Gear Washdown/Helical

In addition to the standard 800, 200, and 600 Series, Boston Gear also offers a complete line of Bost-Kleen™ washdown-duty reducers. To meet multiple-process needs within a plant, Boston offers two types of epoxy coated products - white and stainless steel - both of which are designed to withstand the rigors of washdown applications.

  • Boston Gear Bevel Gear Drives

Three different series of straight tooth and spiral bevel gear drives are available from Boston Gear. These right-angle gear drives are designed for high capacity, efficiency, quiet operation, and long service life.

  • Boston Gear Motor Multiplier

While Boston Gear's planetary motor multiplier can be used as a 5:1 speed reducer/torque multiplier, it can also be used in combination with our 700, 600, 800, and 200 Series reducers. In the latter capacity, it enhances reducer performance without the delay or expense of a custom design, making this an economical alternative to a multi-reduction reducer.

  • Boston Gear High Precision Planetary Gearheads

The latest addition to the Boston Gear product offering is the new High Precision Helical Planetary Gearhead product line from Boston Gear, which consists of five new product lines:

  1. PL2 SeriesInline - Dimensional drop-in for Bayside Stealth PS series
  2. PR2 SeriesRight Angle - Dimensional drop-in for Bayside stealth RS series
  3. PL6 SeriesInline - Dimensional drop-in for Alpha SP/SP+, Stober servofit P, and Micron ultratrue series
  4. PR6 SeriesRight Angle - Dimensional drop-in for Alpha SPK, stober servofit PKS, and micron ultratrue 90 series
  5. PL5 SeriesEconomy Inline - Dimensional drop-in for Alpha LP and Stober PE series (can be modified to replace Bayside PX and PV series, Micron NT&DT series)
  • Boston Gear Open Gearing

Boston Gear has been a leader and pioneer in manufacturing gearing products since 1877, when we introduced the concept of gear standardization and stock gears - innovations of enormous benefit to power transmission system designers, specifiers, and users.

  • Boston Gear Spur Gears & Rack

Boston Gear spur gears are designed to transmit motion and power between parallel shafts. The different styles offered include spur, gear rack, pinion wire, stem pinions, and internal gears, and most come with a selection of bore diameters, keyways, and setscrews to accommodate a wide variety of application requirements. They are available in plastic, non-metallic, brass, steel, and cast iron and are manufactured in a variety of styles, including plain, web, web with lightening holes, and web with spokes. Many are available with or without hubs.

  • Boston Gear Internal Gears

Boston Gear's internal gears are spur gears turned "inside out." In other words, the teeth are cut into the inside diameter while the outside diameter is kept smooth. This design allows for the driving pinion to rotate internal to the gear, which, in turn, allows for clean operation. Intended for light duty applications, these gears are available only in brass.

  • Boston Gear Spur Gears & Rack Change Gears

Boston Gear change gears are used primarily on machine tools to provide different cutting speeds while using a constant speed input. All Boston Gear change gears are manufactured with a double key to accept the compound steel bushings that connect two gears together, allowing them to spin on an intermediate shaft.

  • Boston Gear Spur Gears & Rack Stem Pinions

Boston Gear's stem pinions feature small numbers of teeth that are cut integral to the steel shaft. Using a special, enlarged pitch diameter minimizes the undercutting of the teeth. When run with standard stock spur gears, stem pinions increase the ratios normally found in spur gear drives.

  • Boston Gear Pinion Wire

Boston Gear pinion wire is a type of spur gear with a face width of 4 feet, no hub, and no bore. The gear teeth are drawn (formed not generated) over the full length of the pinion wire.

  • Boston Gear Helical Gears

Boston Gear's stock helical gears are manufactured in both right- and left-handed configurations with an industry standard 45° helix angle to transmit motion and power between non-intersecting shafts that are parallel or at 90° to each other. For parallel shaft operation, helical gears with opposite-hand helix angles are required. For shafts at 90°, a same-hand helix angles must be used.

  • Boston Gear Miter & Bevel Gears (Straight & Spiral)

Boston Gear's stock miter and bevel gears are specifically designed for the efficient transmission of power and motion between intersecting shafts at a right angle (90°). Miter gears are a special type of bevel gear designed to operate in pairs with identical numbers of teeth and diametral pitches, and a 1:1 ratio. Other Boston gear stock bevel gears sets are available with ratios from 1-1/2:1 to 6:1.

  • Boston Gear Worms & Worm Gears

Boston gear's worms and worm gears provide an effective answer for power transmission applications requiring high-ratio speed reduction in a limited space using right angle (90°), non-intersecting shafts. When properly applied, worms and worm gears provide the smoothest, quietest form of gearing.


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