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BAHR Modultechnik

Since 1990, Bahr Modultechnik has been your expert in the development and manufacture of linear axes of superior quality. You can count on us as the perfect partner to design the optimal system. In collaborative partnership, we develop your customized solutions together, from individual parts to series production.

Bahr Modultechnik Products :


Linear axes with toothed belt drive are designed for high speeds with long distances. Perfect for fast positioning and handling tasks with low maintenance requirements.

Linear axes with spindle drive are preferred for high axial thrust forces, where the highest precision is also required. They offer a convenient and exact solution.

Linear axes with rack and pinion drives are used for highly dynamic movements with long distances. Even with heavy loads, they offer constant positioning accuracy.

Linear axes with linear motor drive are used where high precision is required in dynamic conditions with low bearing load.
The systems are free of play and free from wear and offer simple space utilization in a compact geometry.


BAHR Modultechnik Product features:

  • Excellent positioning and repeat accuracy
  • Long service life and operational reliability
  • High drive stiffness
  • Smooth and quiet motion
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Low breakaway and drive torque
  • Self-locking
  • High speed and acceleration
  • Long strokes
  • Low noise
  • Temperature ranges from -25°C to +75°C
  • Low maintenance and low wear
  • High load capacity
  • Environmental influences: clean room, explosion protection, dust, humidity, etc.


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