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Askubal Rod End Bearings originated in Germany, with business associations throughout the world. ASKUBAL rod ends and spherical plain bearings (known as ASKUROL with rolling-contact bearings) occur, depending on the case, in many different versions, size ranges and material couplings according to DIN ISO 12240-4 (formerly DIN 648) or as custom solutions.

Rod ends are ready-to-install spherical bearing units. In some places they are also called ball joints. They consist of the rod end housing with threaded shaft and the mounted or pressed-in spherical plain bearing. Rod ends are available with a female thread, that means the threaded shaft has a hole into which the thread is cut, or with a male thread, in which case the thread is on the outside of the threaded shaft.  Depending on the direction of rotation of the thread, it is a right-hand thread or a left-hand thread.

Their rod ends are available in a wide range of variants and designs, in dimension series K and E. Whether maintenance-free (with PTFE sliding layer film) or requiring maintenance (relubrication), whether made of stainless steel, free-cutting steel, rolling bearing steel or highly quenched and tempered materials, with bronze and brass, with male or female thread, with right-hand thread or left-hand thread, optionally with sealing, classically with sliding bearing ASKUBAL or especially with rolling bearing ASKUROL - you can rely on their rod end.


The function of the rod end is determined by the spherical plain bearing. Like spherical plain bearings, rod ends ensure spatial adjustment movements between the shaft and housing; allow swivel movements, tilting movements up to a certain tilt angle and orbital movements at relatively low sliding speeds and compensate for misalignments.

Rod ends are mainly used in lever and linkage connections. Another area of application in the pneumatic and hydraulic industry is the connection between cylinders and connecting parts. For this purpose, there are special hydraulic rod ends that have been developed to fit the hydraulic cylinders and piston rods.


Askubal rod ends are made of machining steel, bearing steel, bronze, brass, stainless steel and PTFE sliding film. Depending on the load, we use tempered or highly tempered materials.


The areas of application are diverse and range from plant construction to filling plants, conveyor technology, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, pneumatics, hydraulics, robotics, road construction, vehicle construction, rail vehicles, food technology, medical technology and much more to feeding technology. The rod end is also present outside of mechanical engineering, e.g., in organ pipes, shock absorbers, door opening systems and much more. 

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