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ALWAYSE Engineering

Alwayse Engineering was established in 1939 in Birmingham, England.  With over 60 years manufacturing experience and originators of the ball transfer unit. We have become an integral part of the material handling industry.  The name “Alwayse” derives from the multi-directional nature of the ball transfer unit – they move in all directions enabling the easy transfer of light and heavy goods, and the direction of motion to change instantly.  Whether used for loading or feeding machines, moving goods or materials or as an alternative to the castor or in a form of linear motion, ball transfer units provide an important and essential service.

Thread Fixing Units

Adjustable height ball transfer units available with a variety of stem lengths and thread sizes. Sometimes referred to as ball rollers.

Flange Fixing Units

General purpose, low profile ball transfer units available in a variety of load ratings, materials and number of hole fixings.

Tube Fixing

Tube fixing achieved by using a spring washer or bush in a suitable sized tube. Available in 3 sizes and suitable for use as a castor.

Clamp Fixing

Low profile ball transfer units available in 3 variants. Suitable for mounting in materials with a thickness of 1mm to 27mm.

Misc Units

A range of ball transfer units featuring a 25.4mm diameter load ball. 1004 supplied with circlip, 1007 has interference fixing.

Euro Units

Featuring a main bearing cup special toughened steel with a dirt exit hole and a woollen felt seal. Maximum dynamic loading from 10 – 610kg .

Mini Units

Available with load balls from 4.8 – 15.8mm. Mini ball transfer units are suitable for use where precise movement and positioning is required.

Hevi-Load Units & Die Lifters

High load capacity ball transfer units designed for greater shock loading protection. Featuring the highest performance available in load transfer.

Heavy Duty Units, Series 800

Heavy duty ball transfer units manufactured from one piece of solid steel body with a seal and dirt exit hole for maximum efficiency.

Base Fixing Units

Heavy duty, high profile ball transfer units available in a variety of base plate fixings. High load capacities up to 340kg per ball transfer unit.

Lockaball Locking Unit

Low profile ball transfer units is Ideal for Retail Display. These units come with a round fixing plate. Sometimes referred to as ball rollers,

Hi-Tech, Double Seal, Units

The first ball transfer unit to feature double sealing to exclude debris from the bearings. Body manufactured from Glass Reinforced Nylon.

Spring Loaded Units

Spring loaded ball transfer unit range suitable for applications such as guillotines, presses and moulding machines. Spring loaded ball transfer

TUFF Series Heavy Duty Units

Ball transfer units designed to provide a long working life even in the most arduous conditions. Available with higher load ratings than standard

Fixing Clips

A wide range of fixing clips is available designed especially for use with Alwayse ball transfer units. Custom clips can be produced,


Suitable for use in wet or dry conditions. Smooth movement and easy directional change of materials with delicate or polished surfaces.

Glide-Alwayse Units

A simple and inexpensive range of ball transfer units featuring a large ball exposure. Ideal for lighter loads and where there is a cost.

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