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Alinabal is a highly diversified, Global provider of Spherical Rod End Bearings, connecting linkages and assemblies, precision stampings, complex mechanical assemblies, special purpose printers, optical shutters and aircraft instrumentation. Alinabal motion transfer devices group produces a broad range of standard and custom rod ends, spherical bearings, linkage assemblies and stamped molded bearing assemblies.

Alinabal MTD A Series Rod EndsAlinabal Standard Rod Ends

  •     A series rod ends feature two piece construction, steel on steel.
  •     V series rod ends feature four piece construction, oil impregnated phosphor bronze race.
  •     VX series precision rod ends feature four piece construction, oil impregnated phosphor bronze race, with precision bore tolerance.
  •     K series rod ends feature economical stamped steel housing, steel ball.
  •     KP series rod ends feature economical stamped steel housing, steel ball, nylon race.
  •     P series rod ends feature steel housing and ball with injection molded nylon race.


  •     Alinabal Alumi-Lite Forged Rod EndAlumi-Lite Forged Rod Ends feature rugged forged aluminum 3 piece design.
  •     Steel Pro-Line Rod Ends feature steel housing and ball, fully staked construction with carbon fiber reinforced nylon race.
  •     Aluminum pro-line rod ends feature aluminum housing, steel ball, fully staked construction with carbon fiber reinforced nylon  race.
  •     Alinabal special or custom rod ends or s-series feature full enclosure, and are studded and booted.
  •     Alinabal high capacity rod ends feature high capacity chrome moly steel housing, ball and race.
  •     Large bore bearing RM/RF include large bore series 1" and larger rod end and spherical bearings.
  •     ISO-LINK® rod ends are elastomeric rod ends for noise and vibration reduction.

Alinabal Standard Spherical Bearings

Alinabal light section spherical bearings extra light section spherical bearings.
CBB series bearings have the same construction features as the CBA Series bearings, but with reduced dimensions, resulting in a maximum capacity two-piece spherical bearing, with the minimum cross section related to bore size.

Light Section Spherical Bearings
CBA series, NBA series and PBL series together form Alinabal's light spherical bearings line. The CBA series features a single fractured race and a self lubricating ball. The ball and race are precision ground to assure maximum bearing surface in the load zone.

Commercial Series Spherical Bearings
COM series is dimensionally the same as the CBA series, but features a solid outer race. This series is also available with a Teflon-lined race for a bearing with minimal clearance and extended wear.

Alinabal heavy section spherical bearings heavy section spherical bearings
VBC series bearings combine a plated case hardened steel ball with a self lubricating sintered phosphor bronze race secured permanently in a low carbon, steel plated housing. These are an excellent general purpose spherical bearing.

CRS Spherical Bearings
Steel ball, heat treated & chrome plated with low carbon steel, oil coated race.
Alinabal self-aligning molded bearing assembly Alinabal self aligning molded bearing assemblies (SAMBA).

The Self aligning molded bearing assembly was pioneered and perfected by alinabal using the industry's only total in-house manufacturing system. Design, engineering, machining, stamping, molding and assembly all combine to deliver an assembly engineered to exceed your toughest misalignment and strength requirements.

Economical Alinabal SAMBA's are delivered as complete units, ready for fast, easy installation. Replace costly rod end or spherical bearing assemblies, or have Alinabal's experts design a motion transfer solution for you.

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