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AKN maintains its own production facility in Germany for bearings in special designs that are not or no longer offered by the major manufacturers or for which large minimum order quantities are required.

AKN Products:

  • Ball-Bearing:

Due to its design, the deep groove ball bearing is the most common design and is used in a large number of different applications.
It not only absorbs radial forces, but also axial forces in both directions.
Thanks to the low frictional torque, deep groove ball bearings are also suitable for high-speed applications that require low power losses. They are easy to assemble and can be used in many different configurations.

  • Roller Bearings:

 Roller bearings absorb high radial and medium axial forces and are wear-resistant despite the possible vibration. They are highly insensitive to misalignments and impact loads. 
The quality features include the high manufacturing accuracy of the bearing parts. 

  • Housing Bearings:

The housings are available with numerous special seals and covers for a secure seal. They can be equipped with powerful spherical roller bearings or with spherical ball bearings. 
As standard, they are made of high-strength cast iron, but are also available in cast steel or cast iron with spheroidal graphite.The housings are provided with a device for relubrication with oil or grease.

  • Plain and Spherical Bearings:
  1. Plain Bearings - sliding elements made of composite material. Suitable for rotating and swiveling movements.Available in a maintenance-free or low-maintenance version.
  2. Spherical Bearings and rod ends are standardized, ready-to-install machine elements primarily for oscillating and swiveling movements.
  3. Freewheels:

Freewheels are directional clutches that transmit torque in one direction and allow idling in the opposite direction.

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