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Aetna Bearings

Aetna Bearing Company is an ISO 9001 Manufacturer of Bearing Assemblies for Agricultural, Industrial, Automotive, and other Specialty Applications. Since 1917, Aetna's commitment to quality products and dedication to constant and on-going quality improvement of both products and services have positioned. Aetna Bearings is a product and service leader for the new millennium.

Idler Sprockets

Chain and Sprocket Idlers are compact units made for various chain types, including single and extended pitch roller chain, as well as detachable link chain. They are normally mounted on standard 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" bolts, and include accurately contoured hardened teeth to resist wear and damage to the chain. Designs range from 6 to 18 teeth in various configurations. Typical applications include gathering chains on corn heads and other harvesting equipment, exercise machines, and packaging machines. Compact and easy to install. Built for long maintenance-free service life. Available in a range of a sprocket sizes and configurations which accommodate all conventional chain driven equipment.Aetna Bearing Extended Pitch Sprocket Idler.

  •     Single Pitch Sprocket Idlers
  •     Extended Pitch Sprocket Idlers
  •     Heavy Duty Extended Pitch Sprocket Idlers
  •     Detachable Link Sprocket Idlers

Idler Pulleys and Precision Idler Pulleys

Belt Idlers are made both with and without flanges for most common belt designs, including flat, round and V-belts. They are also generally mounted on standard bolts. Diameters range from 2-1/16" to 8", depending on configuration. Applications include agricultural and power transmission equipment, and conveyor systems. Generally used as tighteners or direction changers; available for all standard, flat and "V" belts. Permanently lubricated and sealed against grime and dirt. Fit into existing design with little or no engineering changes, or readily adapted to new designs.Aetna Bearing V Belt Idler Pulley.

  •     Flanged Belt Idlers
  •     V-Belt Idlers
  •     Round Belt Idlers
  •     Single Flanged Idlers
  •     Straight Idlers

Aetna Ball Thrust Bearings

Aetna Ball Thrust Bearings are available in both banded and 3-piece designs, inch standard and metric standard, light, medium and heavy-duty applications, and a wide variety of sizes and feature grooved raceways. Some, including the 1300 Series and the 1400 AW Series are made for a press fit on the shaft and are accurately ground on seats, raceways and inside diameters. R Series Ball Thrust Retainers are also available in a wide variety of sizes from Aetna Bearings.

Aetna Clutch Release Bearings

Aetna clutch release bearings are available for farm equipment, automotive, truck and other applications. Aetna has been a leader in the design and manufacturing products for clutch release and actuation for over 90 years. All Aetna clutch release bearings are lubricated for life and designed for maintenance-free, long life, smooth, silent, efficient operation. Some designs are provided with means for re-lubrication to comply with OEM requirements.

Rubber Tire Idlers

Rubber Tire Idlers are similar to flanged belt idlers except they incorporate a rubber tire captured between the flanges. Tire diameters of 4 1/4" to 5 1/4" are available. These are typically used in luggage handling conveyors, agricultural planters, belt conveyor systems and as snowmobile bogie wheels.

Hanger Bearing & Sprocket Assemblies

Hanger Bearings and Sprocket Assemblies consist of a combination adapter bearing and driven sprocket. These bearings are commonly used on seed planters. Their hexagonal bores are designed to support various sizes of cold drawn hex shafting. Sprocket at end of extended inner transmits rotation of hex shaft to drive chain.

Adapter Bearings

Adapter Bearings are a series of mounted ball bearing units designed for use in equipment where shafts are supported in frames or sheet metal surfaces. Typical applications include overhead doors, conveyor systems, packaging machines, and agricultural equipment. They provide a combination of features which literally give them universal adaptability; hence the name Adapter Bearing. In addition to its Aetna Bearings Hanger Bearing & Sprocket Assembly functional advantages the Aetna Adapter Bearing offers manufacturers important assembly line savings. Combining a self-aligning bearing seal, a mounting flange, and shaft locking device in a single compact pro-lubricated installation, without further time-consuming assembling or adjustment.

  • Overhead Door Bearings - see Adapter Bearings
  • Sealed 3 Hole Flange Mount Bearings - see Adapter Bearings

Special Items Aetna Bearings Water Pump Bearing.


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