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Monday July 22, 2019

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Fits and Internal Clearances


Importance of Proper Fits

In the case of a rolling bearing with the inner ring fitted to the shaft with only interference, a harmful circumferential slipping may occur between the inner ring and shaft. This slipping of the inner ring, which is called “creep”, results in a circumferential displacement of the ring relative to the shaft if

the interference fit is not sufficiently tight. When creep occurs,the fitted surfaces become abraded, causing wear and considerable damage to the shaft. Abnormal heating and vibration may also occur due to abrasive metallic particles entering the interior of the bearing.


It is important to prevent creep by having sufficient interference to firmly secure that ring which rotates to either shaft or housing. Creep cannot always be eliminated using only axial tightening throughout the bearing ring faces. Generally, it is not necessary, however, to provide interference for rings subjected only to stationary loads. Fits are sometimes made without any interference for either the inner or outer ring, to accommodate certain operating conditions, or to facilitate mounting and dismounting. In this case, to prevent damage to the fitting surfaces due to creep, lubrication or other applicable methods should be considered.





 Fits between Radial Bearings and Shafts ,


 Tolerances for Shaft Diameters, Tolerances for Housing Bore Diameters,


 Radial Internal Clearances in Deep Groove Ball Bearings ,


 Radial Internal Clearances in Spherical Roller Bearings with Cylindrical Bores ,


 Radial Internal Clearances in Spherical Roller


 Bearings with Tapered Bores


 Mounting of Spherical Roller Bearingson Adapter Sleeves


 Mounting of Double Row Self-Aligning Ball Bearings with 1:12 Tapered Bores on to Adapter Sleeves







The ISO System of Limits and Fits - Tolerances and Deviations






   Recommended Shaft fits for redial ball bearing

   Recommended housing fits for redial ball bearing

   Recommended  fits for Cylindrical  roller bearing

   Recommended  fits tapper roller bearing



 koyo data Sheet for fits For redial & Cylindrical bearing





Download NTN  Data Sheet





Download Timken Data Sheet


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