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Monday July 22, 2019

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We import Carbon self-lubricating bearings and bushings are available in material grades selected to meet the specified service requirements. We provide standard replacement styles as well as custom-designed parts for specific operating problems. Parts range from simple sleeve bushings to more complex styles incorporating notches, grooves or metal reinforcing sleeves.

Carbon/graphite grades selected should be compatible both with the fluids being handled and the operating parameters. The typical materials used are from our Groups A, C, E, and F grades. Group C and Group F grades are used in general purpose applications. Group A grades are resin-impregnated for chemical applications. Group E grades are metal-impregnated for improved heat dissipation, wear and strength characteristics. Depending on the application, various types of metal-impregnated carbon/graphite can be used. For higher operating temperatures, Group B grades with an an oxidation inhibitor are used.

Carbon goods

  • Resin impregnated carbon graphite
  • Antimony impregnated carbon graphite
  • Babbitt impregnated carbon graphite
  • Copper impregnated carbon graphhite
  • Resin bonded carbon

Properties1 Excellent self-lubrication
2 Remarkable chemical corrosion resistance 
3 High thermal conductivity and good thermal stability 
4 Adequate mechanical strength and shock resistanceApplication:

Resin Impregnated Graphite Parts are widely used in equipments of modern industry, such as seal rings for centrifugal pumps reacting kettle for chemical
engineering, hydraulic generators and rotate baking furnaces; piston rings and bushings for compressors oxygen machines and bellows, bearings for screen motors
and other types of instruments; slides for motors, subways and mine brushes of electrical machinery and slides for trolleybuses, etc

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